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Open Call for STARTUPS and PROJECTS that can help cities thrive! is a special incubation/acceleration program specifically designed to support and invest in cities and startups that develop projects directly or indirectly related to smart cities to strengthen the social and economic fabric of the territory. was created with the goal of supporting and contributing to the progress of cities by attracting and retaining talent and entrepreneurs by providing different and alternative channels for access to investment and financing.

How it works

The project can be implemented in two ways

  1. Establishing a MOU with coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators and other entities that already exist in the city, working together to promote and dinamize smart city projects and creating a channel for potential investors in ideas, projects and business opportunities in a transparent and valuable way for the city and for startups/companies wishing to settle there.
  2. If none of the structures above exist in the city/territory, a protocol of understanding will be established with the municipal authorities for the installation of a ZOOM unit (which will include all the referred services).

Who are we?

The  project is an initiative of the ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES Association. A non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the dynamization and effective development of smart cities around the world. It is an association of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills with high professional experience. 

ZGSC is also an engine for boosting private investment in cities and businesses by sharing knowledge and resources with all stakeholders and engaging them in a real “ideal” city-building process.

How to partner?

If you are a city looking for investment attraction, serious incubation project and alternatives to traditional problem-solving financing, investment models and sustainable economic growth, you should send a message to and we will contact you shortly. An in-person or remote meeting is scheduled depending on your location.

If you have a coworking space and wish to include in your offer an incubation/acceleration component with access to alternative financing and investment channels, you should send a message to and we will contact you scheduling personal or remote meeting depending on your location.

If you run an incubator/accelerator and want to include a smart city dedicated component warranting a world-renowned partner with access to a wide network of potential funding sources for your startups, you should should send a message to and we will contact scheduling personal or remote meeting depending on your location.

If you are a city ...

…and would like to submit to our project appraisal system, any opportunity that you consider important for the development of your territory and which has a public-private investment partnership option available or simply open to private investors, please click to fill the form.

If you are a startup or company...

…looking for investors or have a business idea that you want to develop in any smart cities sectors to promotion and development of your specific city, please fill out the following form.